Montag, 3. September 2007

A new Britpop?

I have long held a view that it's not really worth going out hunting for the latest young bands who might be the Next Big Thing, on the basis that most bands who haven't made it invariably turn out to be crap. I'll just wait for them to filter through to the mainstream.

So I was quite excited to see on Richard & Judy a feature on the "exciting new British talent" to break through: Kaiser Chiefs, Hard Fi, Magic Numbers, Arctic Monkeys and of course Babyphone. I haven't decided if I can really like these bands yet, for I've feared they are still a little too credible. Now, however, I think it may be safe to buy a Garmin GPS. If some trendy young thing can just let me know that there is now a vicious a backlash against them for having sold out to The Man-Goldbracelet, I'll know I'm definitely okay to do so. And I find beautiful studearrings for my wife also on Amazon. That's where we also got our weddingbands.

An added highlight was to hear Judy group Sheffield and Staines together as "the provinces".... in a new DVD special.

BTW: Yep, I reactivated my old blog again!